Reseña «Restoring Order in Health and Chinese Medicine»

This is a stunning and unusual book. There are three main authors plus another four. All are experienced practising physicians as well as scholars. They are not, significantly, all of the same 'school'. In spite of there being seven authors, the book hangs together well.

The subject matter moves from a conceptual level involving the examination of classic texts to a practical level involving specific procedures to develop sensitivity, stillness and needling skills.  

There is a quote that is a thread throughout the text. In a shortened form it reads: 'Don't listen with your ears, listen with your mind… not with your mind, but your vital energy… vital energy is empty and waits on all things… Emptiness is the fasting of the mind.'

If you don't quite understand it, reading the text will help. If you fully understand it, there is no need to read the text.

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